How to stabilize the industrial economy? Shantou Textile Co., Ltd. made great efforts to prepare for the "good start"


Not long ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and other departments jointly issued the Notice on Consolidating the Recovery and Strengthening the Industrial Economy (hereinafter referred to as the Notice). Five aspects and 17 specific measures, focusing on the outstanding contradictions and difficulties faced by the current industrial economy, aim to further invigorate the industrial economy with greater efforts and more effective measures, make every effort to ensure that the industrial economy operates within a reasonable range in the fourth quarter, and lay a solid foundation for achieving "stable opening" next year and accelerating the promotion of new industrialization.
As we all know, industry is the main body and engine of economic growth, and invigorating the industrial economy is a solid support for stabilizing the economic market. Since the beginning of this year, industrial production in some regions has slowed down due to the frequent outbreaks of epidemic diseases, sluggish market demand and other factors. However, with the continuous optimization of the epidemic prevention and control policies, the textile industry in many regions showed signs of recovery.
Shantou is the production base of underwear and home clothes in China, and it is the real capital of underwear and home clothes in China.
Textile enterprises have strong confidence in market recovery next year
The reporter learned that, as Shantou's first industrial industry with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan, the textile and clothing industry has formed a complete industrial chain from raw materials, yarn twisting, weaving, dyeing and finishing, warp knitting, embroidery, accessories to the production and sales of finished products after nearly 40 years of development.
At present, Shantou has nearly 8000 textile and clothing enterprises, including 687 enterprises above designated size and nearly 900 textile and clothing enterprises with import and export business. The production of underwear and home clothes accounts for about 45% of the country. There are four famous towns in the region, Gurao "China's Famous Knitted Underwear Town", Liangying "China's Famous Knitted Town", Xiashan "China's Famous Home Clothing Town" and Chendian "China's Famous Underwear Town", and a large number of underwear and home clothing brands. Last year, the gross output value of textile and garment industries above designated size in Shantou exceeded 114.419 billion yuan. In November this year, Shantou Textile and Garment Base was officially recognized as a provincial "foreign trade transformation and upgrading base" by the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, and the textile and garment industry has become one of the industrial sectors with high gross output value and complete supporting industrial chains in Shantou. In 2021, Shantou proposed to build a textile and clothing industry cluster of more than 200 billion yuan in the next five years.