Textile enterprises online: the operating rate drops, and the profit of textile enterprises is low


According to the feedback of some small and medium-sized cotton textile enterprises in Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and other provinces, the enthusiasm of downstream weaving enterprises and traders to make inquiries and place orders has dropped compared with the middle of December. The progress of "de stocking and receiving payment" of the yarn mill has slowed down, and the plant operating rate has gradually declined at the top.
A medium-sized textile enterprise in Dangshan, Anhui, said that after more than half a month of centralized "de stocking", the inventory of OE yarn and ring spun yarn of less than C40S count has dropped to 12-15 days. Before the Spring Festival, the enterprise's capital flow and cotton yarn sales pressure were not prominent. However, several textile enterprises and traders in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places said this week that they would not place orders to purchase before the Spring Festival, and hoped that the early contract would be delivered in batches or delayed to the performance after the Spring Festival, The enterprise was caught off guard. At present, the infection and diagnosis rate of employees in the enterprise are increasing. The company decided to advance the planned shutdown on January 12 by 5-7 days, and no longer purchase cotton, polyester staple fiber, viscose staple fiber and other spinning materials before the Spring Festival.