Prosperity report of China's cotton textile industry in November: the short-term impact of the epidemic is obvious, and the industry's development resilience continues to emerge


In November, the international environment became more complex and severe, the contraction of foreign demand further emerged, the domestic epidemic rebounded in a large area, and the "triple pressure" of demand contraction, supply shock and expected weakening increased, significantly restricting economic operation. From the perspective of the industry, the price of raw materials continues to remain weak, and enterprises mainly purchase just needed goods. Due to the frequent and widespread outbreaks of domestic epidemics, the production of enterprises slowed down, the market purchase and sales remained slow, the product inventory gradually increased, and the operating pressure continued to increase. From the terminal point of view, the demand has not improved significantly. Enterprises are cautious about the future market. In November, the prosperity index of China's cotton textile industry was 47.15, down 0.19 from October, lower than the critical point, and the industry prosperity level was slightly lower than last month. From the perspective of sub indexes, the seven sub indexes that constitute China's cotton textile boom index are all below the critical point.